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Thread: PALSBuilt accessible home additions: Interesting stuff.

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    PALSBuilt accessible home additions: Interesting stuff.

    Here's the site:

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    very cool.

    I will send this to Wheels of Progress as they are trying to help get people out of nursing homes in NY. Maybe this is one solution.
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    Zoning laws could be an obstacle for PALS.

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    do some searching for "accessory dwelling units" or "ADUs" – there's a growing market for this stuff.

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    Uncle Peter,

    I was at one time a codes enforcement officer and I am curious why you say zoning could be an issue with PALS modular constructed homes? Modular is in no way considered as "Mobile" or "premanufactured housing".

    If the plans are signed and sealed and do not violate the "MINIMUM" codes in effect at the time of approval there should be nothing that creates a problem, or violation. Zoning in and of itself should in any way restrict the construction of a HP compliant house. ADA is a part of the codes that are in effect.

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