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Thread: Question about HO

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    Question about HO

    Anyone in here know anything about heterotopic ossification ?

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    you'll get an answer here but what specifically do you want to know?
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    HO Diagnosis

    My husband was recently diagnosed with HO. The Dr said surgery is only an option if he is experiencing pain...or serious symptoms. She did not suggest any treatment options.
    My ? is he is 9 yrs post this is just presenting and it is in his left hip...he has lost 10 lbs recently in an effort to be healthier...and does exercise regularly..also has started drinking protein shakes as meal replacements. COuld any of this have contributed to this appearing now?
    Also, he has a circular red (size of 50 cent piece) spot every night when he goes to bed...sleeps on that side part of the night so it is red when he blanches when I press on it. But I am afraid it will become something worse...
    Any info appreciated...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin83 View Post
    Anyone in here know anything about heterotopic ossification ?
    I had it about 2yrs post injury in my right hip...was treated with oral meds but my hip was never the same. It lost a lot of flexibility...funny how things work out. I broke that hip 3 yrs ago and it was non operable due to the hight of the break and now the hip lies perfectly flat now.

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    Mine started right after injury but not caught until months later. Left hip and will flex to 90 degrees. Stretch to limit a couple times a week to keep sitting in wheelchair.
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    No Tri's or hand function.

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