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    blood semen

    Im a t12-l1 para and Im incomplete. I did IC for 22 years and have had a urethral foley for 4 years. I change the cath every few days, as it gets clogged and smelly. For the last two weeks, I have had some minor urethral bleeding, it usually stops quickly. Lately, I take the foley out and proceed to masturbate. The ejaculate is white, but smells foul and it is followed by either a very small ammount of blood or a tiny blood clot. Ocassionally, I will see the clots floating in the urine. Needless to say, Im terrified its cancer and Im doomed. Im going to see the urologist on Monday, but was wondering if the nurse has any ideas as to what it could be.
    I have a feeling its not going to be good. My last cystoscopy was 3 months ago, the doctor said there was nothing unusual. No bladder stones etc. I have a history of bladder stones.

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    Nobody bothered to answer. Thanks. I wont be coming back anymore.

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    Most likely due to uti and as partially comes through the same tract it most likely related to that. Testicular cancer occurs in most under 30 but should do a testicular exam. Bladder cancer and prostate cancer- PSA checked on those over 50 or if family hx and lately there has been controversy about that. Renal cell cancer- again a slow growing and tested by ultrasound which you probably have had recently and we do advise yearly or every other year but if you haven't had then time to do.
    They could do a bladder washing with a cystoscopy but you must have totally clean urine i.e. treated UTI-- this is the symptom. Can present as blood in urine etc... or is very irritating.
    But uti is the first course of treatment and appropriate treatment and most likely the cause but is good to rule out others if continues. Also kidney or bladder stones and caused by uti and picked up by renal ultrasound and or abdominal x-ray.
    And I don't know how I missed your post and I do apologize.

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    Your post wasn't on the list for 7/25 and I couldn't find it on my list. If anyone posted and got know reply then please repost.
    ????? glitch in system?

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