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Thread: Health Care Reform: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

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    I found the missing piece

    Silly Obama, I guess that he doesn't know that radio waves can be easily thwarted by homemade protective headgear, easily fashioned from commonly available, thin metal radiant barrier material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctoom91 View Post
    Also the reinstatement of tax deductible medical savings plans,allowing private groups form their own co-ops to purchase group insurance.For example the Elks,K of C,trade organizations
    could use the power of their numbers to by cheaper insurance.High deductible catastrophic
    care plans for young people.If you're single and healthy and live in states like NY,NJ or CAL you're forced to buy all kinds of services you may not want or need.Drug rehab,abortion even
    podiatry ffs.When the govt.begins to ration care and they will have to ration care to do all they want to do the elderly,severely disabled(us) and people with advanced disease are going
    to pay the price for this monstrosity.The ideas are out there they just don't get a lot of airplay.
    I posted some more articles on obamacare in the politic forum. There good reads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedmyelin View Post
    And the alternative to ACA is???????? I certainly dont have the answer. Imagine if the gop really cared about the people and came to the table with ideas that benifit all Americans and just the wealthy corporations. Corporations are not people my friend.

    As if it was taken right from obamas talking points. Ill informed talking points... If that is the logic then I guess wise doesn't deserve a turd on Christmas for starting chinascinet. Sorry wise, it wasn't your hard work and determination. If it wasn't for the government building roads and airlines that allowed you to get around. and I applaud your parents more than you, because if it wasn't for wises parents there would be no wise, so really you should thank them instead
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    I thought I would bring this post back up due to a number of people were asking about sci research.

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    I meant for it to go into the political forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRainman View Post
    Romney has stated he would like to redo it and keep the pre existing in it as well as boehner. He talked about litigation clause and free over the state line compitition for insurance companies.
    Litigation is just a red herring. First, tort reform has already been passed in many states amid promises of reductions in insurance premiums that never came. Second, imagine the amount of mal-practice that would occur if doctors and hospitals did not have to worry about lawsuits. You don't see lawyers running around demanding that their risks of mal-practice be limited.

    Second, the state line competition is bull-shit. Blue Cross, Aetna, and United Healthcare are national companies. They are not going to compete with themselves across state lines. they already know what they are going to charge.

    There are some aspects of Obama care I despise. If Romney comes along with something better I might even vote for him. But throwing around BS proposals do nothing.
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    This is what happens if Romney is elected and he repeals the Affordable Care Act as promised:

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