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Thread: FOR SALE? Adapted Ford Mustang

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    FOR SALE? Adapted Ford Mustang

    Looking for expressions of interest from the community.

    We have a 2007 Ford Mustang convertible that was adapted for our son (C6 functional quad). It has hand controls, a cover plate for the gas and brake pedals, and the driver's seat can go back further than original factory settings.

    Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out for him being able to use it in his current condition and, because the family's finances are hitting a wall, this is one thing we need to get rid of.

    Has less than 50K miles on it. Fun to drive in town and on the highway.

    Still have just over 16k left on car loan. Also the modifications ran $2500 several months ago.

    Looking for any offer that gets us out from under the loan even if it means losing our investment in the mods.

    Details on the car and photos will be provided to interested parties.

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    Here are some photos of the Mustang...

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    where are you & the car located?

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    I am sorry the car didn't work out for your son. I was at the Shepherd Center with him and he came to my wedding last year. Tell him Shawn said hi and I hope he is doing well. My wife and I wish we could buy it from you guys, but we are still trying to get an accessible home.

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    Sah-weet car .. already looking for my next ride but not in a position financially to purchase for the next two years. Got my eye on a Mustang though!

    Sorry it didn't work out for your son. Have you tried
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    Quote Originally Posted by cutter steve View Post
    where are you & the car located?

    Northern Virginia, just about 10 miles W/SW of Washington.

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    Sweeeeet ride Wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by eversonsail View Post
    Sweeeeet ride Wow
    Make me an offer....

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowdog View Post
    Here are some photos of the Mustang...
    Nice car. To bad it hasn't worked out for your son being able to drive it.

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