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Thread: Urine analysis & WBC

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    Urine analysis & WBC

    I do intermittent catheterization every 4 to 6 hours, and I got frequent UTI (every 1 - 3 months), I did a urine analysis before couple of days because I sensed slight symptoms of UTI.

    the analysis result was somehow normal except for WBC count which was 20-22.
    Becteria many/HPF
    and Nitrite positive

    is it high for SCI people? should I go see doctor?

    In fact I don't want to take another antibiotic since I took a lot this year.
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    I wouldn't characterize your urinalysis as "somewhat normal." You said your white blood cell counts was 20 to 22. The normal range for a white blood cell count in urine is 4.0 to 11.0. In a high power field (HPF) there were many bacteria cells identified and positive nitrite readings indicate that bacteria may be present in significant numbers in urine. These results give compounding and confirming statistics to indicated a urinary tract infection.

    In people with spinal cord injury, urinary tract infections are not usually treated if typical symptoms are not present, i.e., fever, malaise, body aches, pain, autonomia, blood in the urine, etc.

    I assume when you said "I did a urinalysis...," that you used a dipstick test at home, you did not take a specimen of urine to a lab. Sometimes, dipstick tests are not reliable. Get a specimen of urine to a lab with an order for a urinalysis (UA)/ culture & sentivity (C&S). The C&S will tell you the name of the bacteria, the count of bacteria, and the antibiotic that is the best choice to take to cure the infection if indicated.

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    This is consistent with a urinary tract infection. Definitely not normal, and if you are having symptoms consistent with a UTI for YOU, then it looks like that is where you are going.

    You can have very abnormal urinalysis results like this, but only have "colonization".... this is what we call it if have bacteria in there and you are not having any symptoms. As long as we don't feel sick (and have worsening symptoms associated with UTI....) then you don't need to treat them.

    I would also send a culture now, and you could try drinking like crazy, maybe throw in some vitamin C/cranberry/D-mannose if you have it and see if you improve over the next day. Sometimes we can hold off the infections doing this. But if you don't improve, then start the antibiotics. In a situation like this, I am happy that we have some antibiotics at home to take (AFTER sending urine for a culture) just in case things deteriorate quickly.

    Also, see your urologist/physiatrist and try to work-up why you are getting so many UTIs. Maybe you need repeat urodynamic testing, imaging of your bladder/kidneys to see if you have stones, ask if you might have prostatitis, and review your cathing/drinking frequency and technique.

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    Thank you for replies, I sent a culture in order to treat the problem, actually the symptoms have appeared clearly today. I hope I am not late in treating this UTI

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    Yes, if symptoms we use the culture to treat and we submit at same time. It takes severral days to get back.

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