Hey ladies and gents, I'm going to break this down so it's easier to read:

>On 7/19/12, Thursday, I had my first cysto in 21 years of being a para.
>The doc had to perform this in the OR because the traditional cystoscope couldn't get past a stricture (turns out there were two).
>They dilated me to 22 Fr. and inserted a 16 Fr. foley to heal.
>There was a decent amount of blood that I saw from the procedure, but they told me that it wasn't more than normal.
>Doc told me to remove the foley on Monday (yesterday now).

So should I remove the foley immediately? I wanted to give my urethra a little more time to heal since I can tell it's still "displeased." What are the consequences if I don't remove it soon besides the typical UTI stuff?

Also, I typically use 14 Fr. catheters, but now since I've been dilated and have a 16 Fr. cath in me, should I up my size to 16 Fr.? (I self-cath around 4-6 times a day with a closed-system)... I heard it's dangerous to use caths smaller than your urethral passage.

Should I expect to see blood for a while once I remove the foley? I'm afraid I'll have AD if I attempt to cath once I remove the foley. Also afraid of the strictures returning if I don't let it heal more with the foley inside. Any advice? Anything is much appreciated!