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Thread: need ideas on fencing!!

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    need ideas on fencing!!

    ok getting ready for this deer season. got a prime location for a wheat field. got my yamaha rhino all modified, got the plow i need and the spreader to make it. but i have to get the electrice fence put up to keep my cows out for awhile. i can get the wire up but just got to figure out how to get few t post in the ground. anyone here have any experience how to put t post in now with a sci? live on a ranch my whole life and grew up with ranch work and trying to get back to it! any ideas would be awesome!

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    how about using the bucket on a front end loader just sit the bucket on the post and lower the bucket and the T post goes in the ground

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    Maybe the ground is harder in MT because when I tried using backhoe bucket to drive T post it just buckled in half, so i tried shorter pounding with bucket same result so out came garden house power washer I blasted a couple holes to set posts in... I have seen an air operated T post plunder looked awesome not much bigger then old hand post pounded perhaps a guy can rent one?

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    I use 4' rebar posts with compatible insulators for my electric fence. In the spring, before the big drought here in OK, we could just shove em into the ground be hand. We'd have to hammer them in now.

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    For a temporary horse coral, we pound in 2 foot rebar, then slide a 5 foot piece of PVC over them. Holes drilled in the PVC to run the electric wire through.

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    Can you use a post pounder from the seat of you're rhino? That's probably what I would try to do first.
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    baldfatdad: I like your re-bar & pvc idea do you tape the re-bar in the area you drill holes for the wire so the wire does not ground out or? I am running 10,000 volts to keep bears out of garbage (which is the minimum for grizzly) even a grasshopper between the wire & post gets fried

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