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Thread: Black and Green ZR2 by Request

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    Black and Green ZR2 by Request

    By request, here's a Series 2 ZR with the Black Lava matte paint and Sub-Lime Green Ano...
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    looks nice, I start to get the Atomic Green frame with black anodized, but didn't really want to stand out as much as I did when my first chair was neon yellow.
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    love the color combo looks sick!

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    the lava is da bomb. i love it on mine rep
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    Black Matte & Green ZR

    Okay okay, I read the negative reports on the ZR matte black. But maybe I don't lissen?

    The only color chairs that I have used over the past 20 years have been natural finish, Titanium mostly. I want something different and the matte black is the only color that I'd ride on. Does it scratch that easily?

    My ZR series 2 order is about to go to Tilite and I am going for the black Matte!

    I love it. It is like a stealth bomber with black trim on everything.

    The photos look cool! The finish, non-shiny, is a plus for me.

    I pull my chair into the side door of a Honda Odyssey after I pull myself in with the help of several heavy duty straps over the door. It is an easy transfer. I have a high density 4 inch thick foam pad with a black vinyl cover on the floor that extends up between the front seats that I slide up and onto the drivers seat. The pad is six feet long and the rear seat is able to be pulled into place without moving the pad. No ramp or lift for me.

    MATTE BLACK ZR WITH BLACK TRIM; Johnny Cash on wheels!
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    I think I'd opt for black camber tube clamps with the sublime green camber tube. Anodizing the caster bearing cap the same color as the anodized package might also be a nice touch.

    I'm still partial to unpainted titanium.

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    This is what I have on my Ti lite. I love it!

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    Looks like my chair! Love the look!
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    I'm about to place an order for a ZR2 with the Red Pepper accent. Do you have a nice picture like that in that scheme?
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