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Thread: Manual chair & transfers after cervical fusion?

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    Manual chair & transfers after cervical fusion?

    I'm having ACDF surgery & fusion in a week...anywhere from 1-3 levels depending on how bad my neck is once they open me up. My neurosurgeon is head of neurosurgery at UConn so I have faith in his skills.

    My concern is recovery and being able to get around in my manual chair and doing transfers. Surgeon said most people spend 1 night in hospital and then go home. Ill be in hard collar for about 4 weeks. My on,y chair is a Q7...still waiting on my aero Z with power assist after the 13 weeks in hospital this spring. Would it be a good idea to see if he'd send me to inpatient rehab for a bit after surgery?

    Everything online is about otherwise AB people who are walking after surgery. Has anyone and ACDF, or similar neck surgery, after you were already paralyzed or using a wheelchair?

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    In my experience, after a procedure like this, there is a period of time when the surgeon will want you to limit weight bearing or lifting with your shoulders and arms.

    You need to find out if that is the case, and what the limits are. If you are able to obtain (rent or borrow) a power chair and a mechanical lift for transfers during that time, that would be best. You may also be limited in activities such as long sitting for dressing, etc. so need to see if someone can assist you during that time. Once you the restrictions are lifted, then some therapy (either short inpatient or outpatient rehab) would be very helpful. Generally you would not qualify for inpatient rehab while you still have weight lifting or arm weight bearing restrictions.


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