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    Bob Sullivan

    Hi let me introduce myself. Hi I am an early Vietnam era vet I served from 28 August 1958 to 27 August 1962 on the USS Springfield CLG 7 as a MM2. I took my discharge in Ajacio Corsica and went to live in Nice FR.

    Where I volunteered to get involved in the MAN in the SEA, experimental diving program with Ed Link, on his little ship the Sea Diver II. We had the company of the USN Sub Rescue vessel Song Bird, but she left several days, previous to my accident. I got the bends "the first time" during my days with that experiment less than 2 weeks after my discharge.

    I was sent to the French Naval Facility in Toulon, France via a portable chamber in an ambulance. After two weeks I was allowed to go back to my apartment and a few days later I returned to CONUS via MSTS to Norkolk VA and went home to Boston from there.

    For several years I made my living as a commercial Diver in Boston working from the Local 56 Union Hall for Wharf Buildersand Carpenters, while putting a Water Syphon a 32" mechanical connected cast Iron pipe across a small river called the Chelsea Creek I again got the bends, that put an end to that profession.

    I was a part of the two man dive crew who put the Sunk in Place Tunnels behind what was then North Station to Charlestown MA.

    I also set the demo charges around the Texas Tower #2 "C" leg left when the tower was dropped for salvage before a hurricane that caused this drop to be attempted before they were properly prepared.

    These bouts of the Bends caused my Incomplete SCI which have forced me to today use crutches for close mobility or a wheelchair for distances of more than a very few feet.

    I consider myself very lucky that I was able to work until I reached retirement age at 65, I am 73 now.
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    Welcome Bob, you sure have had an interesting life.

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    That is only a part of it!!

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