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Thread: Cold packs caused bowel accident?

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    I got sicker after my last post.
    Got a fever about 102. Urine foul smelling so got checked for infection. Said I had e coli.
    Taking Cipro.

    I really resist using mag citrate.
    I just use dried senna leaves in a tea infuser ball.
    In the past, it has seemed to emptied my system.
    Last week I used senna and finally had bowel movements with very loose stool.
    Now, it's been about 5 days with no bowel movements and my belly is getting big again.
    Besides the pain, I get emotionally low when I can't poop.
    My friend says I'm all sewn up emotionally (I agree).
    Maybe this contributes to my constipation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulltree View Post
    i take enough Laxatives and stool softeners to purge my entire neighborhood and i still only can move my bowels 1 if am lucky 2 times a month, Doctors say this is caused by a "Perfect Storm" of disease's and medications that i have or take and have no idea on how to make the "little engine that could" work Faster i never have any back pain or abdominal pain or anything like that and when i do have a bm i totally empty my entire system in one 20-30 minute sitting. it is quite bizarre and anytime i am in the hospital the nurses freak out until the doctor assures them he knows all about it.
    That's interesting the way your system works.

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