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Thread: rio pivot?

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    rio pivot?

    I have tried the wijit and emotion and quickie xtender... I was wondering if any one here had any experience with the Rio Pivot. The placement of the levers, multiple gears, and better braking all have me wanting to demo it. Opinions?

    Also in the week I have had the wijit I have had gear.trouble on the right side. Are mechanical problems common with these?
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    I asked about the Rio Pivot about 16 months ago. Nobody seems to have used the system. Let me know if you can demo it!

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    i've been using the pivot for about 2 months and i'm ready to return it (hopefully for a refund) several design flaws: shifting gears (why do i need 5 speeds?) and forward/reverse is difficult. the brakes are terrible. the tires are narrow road bike tires(what to do with a puncture?) the wheels add quite a bit of width. the chair is hard, at least for me, to navigate in small spaces. the push rims are very smooth and almost unuseable. the levers don't fold out of the way when not in use. on smooth surfaces, it's great. everm for powering up ramps. but all in all, i am not satisfied. the feel is a little rickety.

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    Hey zenhead,
    I'm doing a research project on lever WC's, and I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight on why you didn't like using it, and what a designer could have done to improve it.
    Hopefully my research will culminate in a new design that accommodates user feedback to produce a stellar new chair design.

    If anyone else has anything to add I'm very eager to hear from the community on what could be done to improve existing lever designs

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