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Thread: Funniest Raider's Stuff roflomg

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    Funniest Raider's Stuff roflomg

    So this pretentious white dude NYC writer decides to dis the Raiders. Guess who will be staying on the East coast this year.

    Classic Raider's trashtalk. I forgot how great the 80's were.
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    Inappropriate content

    This is too funny. I have to post it. Raiders fans, grammar experts, profanity, all the best stuff.

    Tom Brady's Dimple9 hours ago

    I'd like to point out that at no point in the letter did Mr. Ricmag77 say, "wipe your mouth, dick." What he said was, "wipe your mouth dick." We cannot know this man's intentions, so I am forced to assume that "mouth dick" is exactly what he meant.

    Jack Dickey9 hours ago

    When selecting the quote to use in the headline, we sometimes clean it up or paraphrase. We try to leave the original meaning intact. I assume the author meant "mouth, dick," but I'll admit I'm now terribly intrigued by the possibility that Raiders fans conceive of a "mouth dick."

    Tom Brady's Dimple9 hours ago

    Whatever you do, don't "walk your stupid ass into the black hole" and ask them.

    Raiders fans. The meanest, trashiest people in the world...and mouth dicks. Is it just me, b/c I am so LOLing here.

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