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Thread: Dural Arterialvenus Fistula

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    Dural Arterialvenus Fistula

    I was treated for a Dural Arterialvenus fistula June 22nd through emboli action. I can empty my bladder on my own but do not feel when it is full. I was was misdiagnosed with Guillaine Barre in March 2012, treated with IVIG and worked for 10 weeks to regain ability to walk. Then in June the back pain returned and on June 22 I loss the function of my legs again. I have. ER hospitalized for 3 weeks now in rehab can move both big toes and some adductors but that is all. Do not know what to expect this time as before with GBS I had lots of hope with 95% expected recovery rate. Rehab team at Harborview are preparing me for aide in a wheelchair.

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    Glad you found us. With vasculat injuries there is frequently return for some time. How. Much, no one can say. Regardless, you rehab team must address where you are NOW in the short time they have with you. You are at a good center. Be sure you are lined up for continuing therapy after discharge.


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    It seems to be very hard to diagnose neurological issues correctly when they first appear - many disorders present in the same ways, and much of diagnosis involves looking at how symptoms develop (or not) over time. If there's a silver lining, it is that nothing is written in stone about how much return you can get - so, as KLD says, be sure you have a post-hospital therapy program in place. Welcome to CareCure, you'll find lots of help and support here. Best wishes to you, going forward.

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