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Thread: Just installed D's Locks

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    Just installed D's Locks

    Wow am I tired! That was a monster install. I just finished putting D's Locks on my Tilite TR with Spinergy LX (12 spoke) wheels. That was really really hard.

    Steve has been very nice. He sent me some adapters to fit my chair when the the set that came didn't work. This set definitely fits. There were no instructions that came with the locks and having them really would have helped. Steve insisted that the ones he wrote are 9 years old and horrible. So make new ones! Figuring it out on my own, well, lucky I am mechanically minded and have done a lot of builds.

    Anyhow, the reason I am posting is that there is a lot of play. I had heard there would be some especially because of the Spinergy's but I did not think it would be this much. It's 3/4 of an inch. I wanted the locks for all sorts of situations but most on my mind was for riding the bus. I think I'm going to be rocking back and forth like crazy. Don't know how I'm going to like that. It might be something I get used to or it might suck. My standard scissor locks were horrible but when I could get them adjusted right and when they stayed adjusted and when they locked just right (this did not happen often) they would hold there chair where it was. Sometimes I'd slide a little, the tire slipping against the locks but I don't know what this difference will be like with the D's on the bus as it lurches. I will find out.

    I will put up some pics when I can. I am exhausted right now, can barely type. Steve really was nice. I had to call him several times and he never rushed me at all. Made me feel like I could stay on the phone for an hour and he kept telling me to call back as often as I needed. Very nice and that counts for a lot. I wish things were perfect and my chair fit me perfectly and everything I put on it worked out perfectly but that's not life. I have an under the chair bag - a Topeak Wedge, I got that idea from Jeff Adams. Clean look and stays out of the way but a bit hard to get in to. Backpack, Thule Crossover 30 litre. Great backpack but .. you get the idea. Using a chair is about compromise for me and even the adaptations I make are a compromise too. The Marathon tires don't go flat but they're heavy etcetera.

    So now I have my D's Locks on and I've really been wanting them. Saw them at the Abilities Expo last October. Tomorrow will be my first day out with them, not sure when my first public transit ride will be. I'll report in.

    I haven't heard anyone write in and say they've got something perfect. They say how much they love it but they always add the drawbacks too. So maybe the play in the D's are part of wheelchair mod territory, I'll see. By the way for anyone wondering - the pistons are seating fully into the discs. The play is from some movement in the cylinder holding the piston and the rest in my wheel.

    Jeez I'm beat! :-)

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    I had the same issue. You should be able to screw the threaded cylinders into the adapter plate so the piston can go further into the holes. That reduced the play from about 1/2 inch to almost nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyFallDown View Post
    I had the same issue. You should be able to screw the threaded cylinders into the adapter plate so the piston can go further into the holes. That reduced the play from about 1/2 inch to almost nothing.
    That's what I did, too.
    Attachment 45758

    After this pic was taken, I moved the lock nut to the outside so it's easier to reach.
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    yes, steve is a great guy. im on my 5th set now on this new tr. ive ran them on colours razorblade, 2 zr1 , zr2 and tr2. love them. i actually upgraded to a heavier spring on the right side because of really pushing hard while transfering. .
    but as chase pointed out the further you get the pistin going in the hole the less bounce there is. rep
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    Love mine. Would never go back to conventional brakes. You'll get used to a little play ... it's nice to rock back and forth sometimes, lol.

    Putting them on yourself is big time - I have no patience for mechanical or electrical things. I've been known to whip a wrench across the room more than once.

    Since I trust Stephen's opinion, I might try the Sure-Locks next time.
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    well, for anyone else's sake looking to upgrade to D's, I will say the install is not "really, really hard". Sometimes the OP just has a way of making things difficult for himself (ie- see his Icon thread). I am a C7 quad with less-than-perfect hand function and they are definitely easy and straight-forward to put on.

    Concerning the rock when installed on Spinergy wheels with poly-fibre spokes - you will get used to it and trust them. If you watch the hub of the wheel with the locks engaged you will see they are not rotating, the rotation of the wheel ("rock") is caused by the spoke design. Chas' are tight because he uses wire-spoked wheels. The "rock" can be decreased by increasing the spoke tension on poly-spoked (Spox, LX) Spinergy wheels. Or rush out and get some Round Betty Dino's.

    I would reckon that the play exists in both brand of hub locks, D's and SureLocks, but some will argue SureLocks are superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    That's what I did, too.
    Attachment 45758

    After this pic was taken, I moved the lock nut to the outside so it's easier to reach.
    I was gonna say having the locknut on the outside provides a bit less wiggle, too. I locked both sides for even better effect. Also, I've noticed that having the bracket as close to the hub as possible requires less of the piston tube to be exposed through the bracket, lessening wiggle just a tad.

    I've only got 2-3 threads of the piston tube protruding out of the bracket, while I see lots of installs with most of the piston coming out of the bracket to reach the hub. If you can take up this slack by moving the bracket close, it would help, too.

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    best locks ive ever used
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