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Thread: Placard Enforcement Checkpoint = AWESOME!!

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    I forwarded this to my local NASCAR track Texas Motor Speedway, got a nice response from a VP of Operations; unfortunately, the way the parking is laid out there is no feasible way of doing a checkpoint(and I agree with him, just had to try ). They do have the local cops doing placard/plate checks of all parked vehicles(and tow them away if none), and if the people are at the car, they do do a placard check on them. So I thought that was pretty cool and told him thanks for what they can do.
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    Great news! Great story! I love it! Does anyone know this answer? I have a "disabled" license plate. Do I also need a placard?

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    Great story! Great job Sonoma County Sheriff's Dept.!

    On a side note, the boarder patrol agent should be fired. His wrongful use of the disabled permit may be a little thing but it shows a huge character flaw and lack of morals. Most LEO's are of outstanding character and high morals. RED FLAG U.S. BORDER PATROL!

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    This makes my day

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    Good job Sonoma County (wherever that is.) At my school, LE does something similar. Officers check to see if the person who has the placard matches his/her license and you have to have a letter from your doctor stating you have a disability.

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    this needs done at the mall and walmart (especially walmart) I can never find a place to park.

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    I shared this on facebook.

    I was furious a few months ago after my placards were stolen out of my car. They didn't need any proof when I went to get replacements (like proof mine had been stolen) and said they do nothing about the stolen ones when I asked if they cancel the numbers or anything. The individual also told me they once caught someone who was getting tons of 'replacement' placards and handing them out as stocking stuffer gifts at christmas!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuprSi View Post
    I know, I know, 'invisible disabilities' and all that, but they sure as hell seem to walk ok! (most of them anyway)
    Its not always physical disabilities that would show in trouble walking. They can also be used for disabilities such as heart conditions where the individual cannot walk far or cannot walk much outdoors due to triggers.
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    thank you for sharing that excellent video Horned...people just don' get it a PSA must be made and marketed explaining exactly why theses spaces are needed. Probably a bunch of ADA hating libertarians who are using them...I betcha.
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    Hey great video, and up to 1000 dollars a ticket, wonder how much they were wrighting them for. Kind of reminds me of the people who put blowup dolls in the pasenger seat, so they can drive in the two person only lanes on the freeway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    Its not always physical disabilities that would show in trouble walking. They can also be used for disabilities such as heart conditions where the individual cannot walk far or cannot walk much outdoors due to triggers.
    I get it, but a lot of the time I've seen there are available regular spaces about another 10 yards away, but they choose to occupy an accessible spot simply because they can! There is no common courtesy any more. If I didn't need space to unload my wheelchair and there weren't many disabled spots left, I would park in a regular spot.
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