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Thank you Patricia.

As I understand the plan was to do a phase I/II with 20 patients in just one center in Texas, then if the results are positive several clinical trials centers would run a phase 3 trial.
So it seems to me that, at this stage, recruiting several clinical trial centers, meetings with principal investigators and clinicians, development of and consensus on clinical trial protocols (200.000 $ spent for that?) is like putting the cart before the horse.
I would concetrate my effort and money in doing the phase I/II in one center, then if there will be some indications of efficacy I bet that centers will run to you asking to parteciapate to a phase 3 trial..

The goal, in my opinion, should be to do the trial, but here sometimes I have the impression that the goal is to set up a clinical trial net which then may not have the money to run a trial.

Does that make sense?

maybe Wise knows something we all dont.