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Thread: anyone care to examine this? (pimple?)

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    anyone care to examine this? (pimple?)

    Did my morning skin check, and it appears as though a pimple has sprouted on my ass. In an able bodied person this wouldnt be cause for alarm but we are far from that.

    raised and has a white head like a pimple and not on an ischium or bony prominence. Let me know if you agree or think its a pressure issue (i hope its not I move 750 miles to denver in a week).


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    Going to go ahead and bump this. Sorry guys. SCI nurse any thoughts. I've never had a sore so any insight would help. Pimple or sore?

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    I is not a pressure ulcer, nor a pimple. It may be boil or other infection. You need to see a physician. It may need to be lanced, and you may need to be place on an antibiotic. You have a significant amount of surrounding inflammation that indicates infection, which could spread and develop into an abscess or cellulitis if not properly treated.


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    k here's another pic after i was up for a bit. Its much closer, so thats why it looks much bigger. From what I can tell the "white-head" got knocked out (dont know how to describe it). Does this change anything from what I posted earlier?

    Sorry I'm posting the pictures directly, I dont know how to do it as an unopened link.

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