my sculiosis is getting bad enough that i lean severely right. when i first sit in chair i'm great. about 2-3 hours on a jay2 i start pushing gel to left and fight to stay centered in chair. have 2 f9 gel packs i'm going to add and see if it works. when i work out with these heavy resistance bands i always get a sheer sore on right side.

sitting on stimulite contour is heaven. it does not let my butt sink on right ever. it makes me upright untill i go to bed. problem is i still get sheer sore when i try to work out. i am on down time now but before i get up next (saturday, sunday) i am adding 1/4 or 1/2 wedge on right side. hoping i can gradual get my butt and StimCon to mesh. then slowly reduce wedge height. i have the bands set up where i can do every thing as uppertone plus some. been working out about 2 months and can see results fast. if it was not for the down time i'd be ready to try the manual chair after 35 years in power chair.
now ? for quads that wear belly/back binders for support, what is best and easiest. i don't care about beer /quad gut. after 2 months of protein bing i have added weight. was about 140-45 now i bet 155 with definite muscle tone but a little gut. justs something to add back support. greatly appreciated. donnie