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Thread: Anyone tried para-canoe/kayak?

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    Anyone tried para-canoe/kayak?


    I am currently considering trying a new sport and was looking at para/canoe (sprinting). I am a b-ball player currently and in the past played this would be a totally different skill set for me.

    Any advice, feedback or recommendations would be great!

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    Before my shoulder surgery, about 2 years ago, I used to kayak all the time. I am a T11-12. My one recommendation is don't be afraid of getting wet. Granted, it is harder to get back in the boat then from the docking area but its part of the sport. I would also say to pick a river/body of water that is slower moving until you get the hang of how the kayak handles, etc... Finally, the closer to the surface of the water is easier when it comes to staying upright in a rocking boat . This is why I prefer kayaking over other types of boats. Best of luck and I hope you enjoy it!!!

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    I kayak on a lake every week. What kind of advice are you looking for?

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    My husband and I have gone a few times. I'm a t-5 and get cold easily. I have found that I need to wrap my legs to keep warm. But, we live in Washington State and our lakes and rivers are fed by mountain runoff and tend to be cold.

    We just got back from Maui and while there we went scuba diving. If you really want to try a new sport I would recommend trying this. It was amazing!!

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    Last night on Push Girls, one of them (a para) went kayaking. It was pretty cool.
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