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Thread: Travel to Belfast

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    Travel to Belfast

    I recently went to Belfast (Northern Ireland) with my wife who was born there. I can give you five (to begin with) reasons why you have to go there if you have not been there yet:

    1. Very friendly and helpful people
    2. Great accessible public transport (I could easily get on the bus with my big electric wheelchair)
    3. Lots of great accessible pubs and restaurants
    4. Too many things to see and do (e.g. Titanic museum)
    5. Beautiful scenery



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    I love Northern Ireland and the Republic. I haven't been back since my accident but would imagine that Belfast and the North in general, are pretty accessible. Good to know that I could get around with ease. Now I just need to figure out how to negotiate rural Donegal.
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    sounds good..after i went to istanbul i found a site about travel spots for wheelchair i wrote a piece about it..if your interested you can write an article about your experience to help others who might want to go there..heres the link....i have no affiliation with this site, just a good place for info on places for wheelchair users.
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