FO, if the transfer back to chair will be challenging for you go with the higher bike as you may ride less anticipating the difficult transfer. If you are pretty sure you want to enter races probably go w reclined, low frame as you will undoubtedly be faster. If you will mainly be riding on the shoulders of public roads bear in mind you may be invisible to texting or otherwise distracted drivers in a low reclining bike - definitely use a flag no matter what bike you get when riding in these situations. Back when I did wheelchair road racing a number of racers died when training when hit by cars and in a reclining bike w low frame you are even less visible. If you are forced onto an unpaved road shoulder you will do better on a higher framed bike. If you anticipate much use on non paved, poorly paved or badly maintained, irregular surfaces avoid the lower framed, reclined bikes. If you just want to have fun riding w AB friends consider Mark's PowerPod or the Freedom Rider w lithium, battery built in otherwise your AB buddies will be waiting on you halfway up the hill.