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    has anyone ever tried using Nite Ize LED Lights on their chair?

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    I tried bicycle lights (head and tail), but turning them on and off individually (especially the tail light) proved inconvenient so I eventually took them off (tail broke anyway during a fall). I now have only 3M reflective spoke attachments in place. But I plan to buy two MagicShine tail lights (red in front and back with a battery pack, then make a switch to turn them on and off together. Here's a YouTube test of the light.
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    I use a variety of lights, in a Fenix bicycle handle bar mount. Currently holding a Fenix PD30. Buttons very easy to access, for on/off and modes. The grey button on top cycles the modes and it has a tail cap button.

    The mount swivels under the frame rail when the light is not deployed.


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    I Use a pair of Magic Shine 1800 lumen lights as my headlights giving me just shy of 2000 lumens on high with there own battery pack that lasts about 5 1/2 hours. tail lights on a chair are practically useless they are ignored like motorcycles or other cars so for my ass i have Red and Blue LED Strobes which if you have to share the road with cars because of no sidewalk when they see these they are required to lower their speed and move to the furthest lane away from you they can,also the LED Strobes could be left running on your chair parked with them running for probably about three months before your batteries would need a charge they use vey little power to put out massive warning power, i have also put reflexlite on all the side's of my chair( it looks black in the daytime just like the rest of the chair but at nite any kind of light hits it it reelects back bright high visibility white. and everything on the chair is controlled by small switches headlights on/off strobes on/off stereo on/pff ham radio transmitter on/pff all vey simple to engage or disengage at will.

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