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Thread: Stew in China May 11, 2004

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    Tax season has ended so time for an update. First, I noticed my hand writing is much better and I am able to write for longer periods of time. Writing used to be a problem and reading it later even worse. The pain in my legs is gone. I have a slight tingling but it is now very light. I have returned to the gym this week. The biggest change is the muscles in my outer arms from the elbow to the little finger. These used to be flat making my arm bone very prominent. I noticed in the gym that these muscles have returned and look normal. Also my thumbs and hands have been itching which in the past has meant return of function. I am still hoping to get better use of my hands.

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    Way to go Stew! THanks for the update!!

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    Awesome, Stew! A little better use of our hands would make a lot of us happy. Thanks for adding to our collective knowledge and experience!!

    ~See you at the CareCure-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    It has now been two years since my surgery in China and a year since my last update. I will list the changes I have seen and note the observations by my Doctors since the surgery.

    Both chest muscles can be flexed at will. Only one prior to surgery.
    Rib cage muscles working. Allows better coughing and sneezing.
    Arm muscles on little finger side from elbow to wrist have filled back out
    Hands are not as tight. Right hand has more funtion
    Chest to waist no longer has any tightness feeling or tingling
    Trunk muscles are working slightly. Can feel abs during exercise
    Transfers and sitting more stable
    Left leg no longer tingles at all. Sharp dull close to normal. No movement.
    Right leg has reduced tingling. Lower score on sharp dull.
    Christmas Day 2005 began moving my right foot up and down at will.
    Can feel muscles tighten in both legs when movement attempted.
    Bowel - Can hold for longer periods
    Bladder - empty on average twice a day fully. No Cathing. Have to be on stool to empty. Can hold for longer periods of time after urge to go.

    DR Visit on May 24, 2005 showed the following improvements one year after surgery:
    12 Points on Motor
    32 Points on Light Touch
    46 Points on the Pinprick Score
    Asia score went from B+ to C

    Dr Visit on May 23 and May 30, 2006 Documented right foot movement.

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    Excellent Stew. Thanks for the update!

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    Wow! Great news Stew. I as sit here and read all this info it gives me hope for the future. There are times it feels like life isn't worth living. I'm pretty sure some of you may feel this way too. But to hear an older person not giving up and fighting for his independence it makes me feel ashame for not trying. I've been pretty bless so far, my only fear is not being able to see my dream come true: to walk again....

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