Okay, still trying to make a decision between two power standers. Are there ANY Redman Power Stander users here who would be willing to chat with Danny about their experience with this chair - and any service related issues? We have been trying to find a DME repair company in the Pittsburgh area (Blackburns REFUSES to service them!) who will commit to servicing this brand of power chair, but unfortunately the one company that said they would work with us/them hasn't returned calls in nearly a week! This - to me - is a clear indication that we do not want to count on them for anything!

It's really hard to make a decision about something this important when the decision comes down to do you pick a chair that you aren't thrilled with because you can get it serviced, or do you go wwaaaaayyyyy out on a limb and pick the chair that you really like better but have no solid servicing options?

Please, if there is anyone on this forum who either uses or knows someone who uses a Redman (or Bounder) and would be willing to talk with Danny via telephone, please privately message me!