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    Is anyone still diving. I would like to go somewhere and go diving again. It has been 10yrs since my new life. I want this for me.
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    I'm an instructor in Cocoa Beach, Florida...I'm certified to teach through the Handicapped Scuba Association

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    I just got back from a week in the Cayman Islands. The trip was organized by the Eels on Wheels, a group that does this out of Austin. It was my first time diving post injury (20 months) and everything went great with so many volunteers to make sure it did for the 14 of us in chairs. There are many groups like this, maybe one near you. Good luck.

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    Good on you for wanting to get back to diving. I learned how to dive and got certified on Maui. The person that trained me is no longer available but Lahaina Divers has taken many of my disabled renters out on their accessible boat with very positive feedback. They also are HSA certified. In addition to diving there are many other accessible activities to do on Maui. Check out my website for preview of my accessible condo on Maui and for the other accessible activities. E-mail me at if you have any questions.

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    I just talked to my current renters at my unit and they just finished doing a couple dives with Lahaina Divers. The HSA instructor Lauren was incredible (as they discribed her) and took the disabled (T-4) wife for instruction in her private pool to re-aquaint her to diving prior to doing 2 dives off the accessible boat. Very friendly and helpful and didn't charge my renters for the pool lessons. Gotta love good service. Bruce

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    I almost got into it. Still may!
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