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Thread: Kitchen sink cut-out ideas

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    Kitchen sink cut-out ideas

    We are just about finished with renovations to our kitchen. The cabinets are darker than before so the plumbing etc under the sink seems more noticeable. Thinking about making a curtain, but want to see what others have done or seen. (Trying to include photo so you can see what I'm talking about).

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    Mine looks about the same, and I am still considering what to do. A curtain was my best thought as well, altho I am also considered boxing in the plumbing, but it would still show the stuff I have tucked in the sides.
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    This was our solution to hiding plumbing in our master bathroom, angled panel to match cabinetry. You could adapt it to your kitchen sink, although you may have to find other places to store the trash can and plastic tub. Some plumbing may need to be reworked.

    Very attractive kitchen remodel.

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    Kitchen sink area

    Here's my kitchen sink area. The edge around the counter is re-enforced with a piece of 1" "L" steel front and rear. There's about 11" of space to store kitchen soap items behind the bottom doors. The two panels upfront fold open to put items into that attached tray. In this picture all of the door handles are not on. Picture taken September 2011. Kitchen sink counter top height is 34". The island counter top, lower right hand corner is at 30" height.

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    GJ- The faucet hasn't been connected yet so that's why the plastic tub is there. I love your ideas and am going to see if we can make the panel work without Jim's knees bumping into it.

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    I am sooooo jealous of all these beautiful accessible houses. I live in an inaccessible large studio apartment. I put in off-set hinges so I can get a chair in the bathroom - barely. I open the cabinet doors under the sink so if I scoot forward I can get my knees under the sink and do the dishes. Ain't no fun. Oh to have you you have. Problem is, I don't even play the lottery. Thanks for the pics anway.

    By the way I would have thought curtains would be the way to go to but the angled paneling looks terrific.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelpa123 View Post
    GJ- The faucet hasn't been connected yet so that's why the plastic tub is there. I love your ideas and am going to see if we can make the panel work without Jim's knees bumping into it.
    We cut a large piece of cardboard to size and played with the angle and height of the panel until we were comfortable with it. There are 4 countersunk torque point screws that hold the panel to wooden supports attached to the side cabinet walls. The panel can be taken down to attend to any plumbing problems.

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    It is really beautiful kitchen. The size and shape of kitchen is perfectly fits into a kitchen room. The most beautiful thing about this kitchen is the color of the wood that you have chosen for a kitchen cabinets. I am really jealous with you man..Thanks for sharing such a wonderful photos..All the Best.
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    When I was living in an accessible apartment the kitchen counters were a regular height and the cut out under the sink allowed me to position myself under the counter quite a bit. This was great, but I couldn't comfortably reach the sink because it was literally up under my arm pits!

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    I have an accessible condo now. I haven't moved in yet, but have used the sink when I was unpacking. The counter is lower than normal (plus my wheelchair is quite a bit higher than the one I had while living in the other apartment), but the height works out well.

    However, the 'cut out' isn't a cut out at all. There is a board blocking me from positioning myself under the sink as much as I would like. It was done more for look than access (and I don't think the builders understood how the whole 'accessible' kitchen thing)! I'm still debating if I should remove the board or not when I move in (I'm still in rehab at the moment). I probably won't be using the sink much because I have a dish washer, and I can get under under the sink enough that it doesn't seem to be a huge issue for short periods of time. Once I move in and get settled I will decide based on how I use the kitchen.

    I wouldn't recommend doing the following.

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    A nice curtain that blends in well with the kitchen seems like a good idea. It would allow you to hide a trash can, but still have plenty of room to get under the sink. Keep in mind though, that the bottom of the sink and pipes can get extremely hot and you will have to be extra careful not to burn your legs.

    Personally, I would have the sink and as much pipe as I could built around as tight as possible to allow as much room as I could get under the sink, while still having a barrier between my legs and all of the potentially hot things I could come into contact with.

    I would either use something like is in the first picture I added, or a curved board to eliminate any corners.

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