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Thread: this is the last thing i need

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    this is the last thing i need

    just recieved an official letter from our local safety authority that i am ordered to pay a massive fine for breaching health and safety regulations.
    i have received This letter nearly 2 years after falling off a ladder in a construction site. This is the last thing one would want to hear after going through hell living with a SCI.

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    They're blaming you for the accident?
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    Since the build was in my name they are holding me responsible.
    i had filled out all the forms and sent them to our local planing authority about how the build was to take place. they gave me a permit and i had started the build.
    Our local OHSA are telling me that i should of filled out an extra form and posted it to them. I have asked our local contractors and they have told me that yes there is an extra form but was there is no enforcement to do this.
    As my case was publicised in our local news they, got to know of my case and want to set an example about health and safety. yes i should of tied the ladder but this was not a criminal act it is all about my failure to fill in a form and why now nearly 2 years later.

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    Go after your government from a different angle so they'll drop this. Your country is an EU member and that means they signed onto the constitution that includes certain accessibility standards. Start checking places you MIGHT need to go to until you find one with no access. File a complaint. Short of UNESCO sites that do not need to be changed I'm pretty sure you won't have to go far...say curb cuts in an entire city area? You'll have to check the EU version of the ADA but it is in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterf View Post
    why now nearly 2 years later.
    Because they have figured out how much you are going to cost the system you depend on. They don't want to be responsible to pay for something you were responsible for.

    What can they do to you if you don't pay?
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    lately there have been quite a couple of construction accidents and they want to make a show but instead of picking on the big construction magnets who employ illegal refugees as slave workers and in atrociousness conditions. they want to set an example by fining me the small fish for not filling in a notification paper on time for work i had carried out two years ago. As if becoming SCI due to this work was not enough for me, they now want to fine me also. It is commonly reported that most black people get injured on their first day of work or during a worksite interview when we all know that they would have been working there for years. big contractors always get off scot free.

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