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Thread: Toddler with Complete Transection of Spinal Cord C6/C7

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    Toddler with Complete Transection of Spinal Cord C6/C7


    3 Year old, Gavyn, injured in car accident on July 2, 2012. Currently at the Childrens Hospital in Colorado and even this top rated hospital has never seen an injury so severe and someoe live. He needs cutting edge medical help, whether it be here or anywhere on this planet.

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    Oh my God ... What a trauma ... Poor baby, i'm praying for him.

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    He needs prayers and more...can stem cells help him...where can he go to get this treatment?

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    So how is he doing? and what is the plan? My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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    He has been stable since the accident, until today. He has been on a ventilator and his lungs filled with fluid and coded. They were able to get him back the pulmonologist did a lung lavage. He is now stable again. He has also sufferred two strokes, sometimes he is with us, sometimes he is not. They show brain waves and he has been able to smile. He can only feel touch on his face and head.

    The plan..they attempted to better align and decrease the gap you see in the MRI. The proceedure was unsuccessful. The next step is to perform surgery first by inserting a rod in the front of his neck. Then use pins and one of his ribs to join his backbone together. I do not believe there is any treatment for his shredded spinal cord in the plan at this time.

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    The goal would be to stabilize him (heart, lungs) before anything can be done to stabilize the spine. Neurosurgery is delicate and complex treatment even in the best conditions.

    It is quite a devastating trauma not only to the spinal cord, spine, nerve and blood supply that support the lungs, heart and circulation, and to the surrounding tissues. If he has improvement in his condition it would to stabilize those extraneous factors before surgery. My prayers are with Gavyn and the family.


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    So, so sorry to read this! You may want to google Izaiah Wallis, San Diego. He is a local baby/toddler that was run over by a drunk teenager. Izaiah spent months in the hospital and is doing pretty good. Also, check out Passion 4 Kids (the news articles mention them) they can put you in touch with Izaiah's family. I'm not sure if they joined this site, young parents, they are a wonderful family. I will be praying for your little one!

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    Oh my goodness. I am so sorrry to read this. I will be praying for you all.

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    I'm so sorry for Gavyn, you, and your family. Such a strong little man!

    Praying miracles for Gavyn and family!
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    Just wondering why the X-ray has a 2009 date on it?

    If this is a true story, then I wish all the best for this little boy.
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