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Thread: News story about my sci

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    News story about my sci

    Hey everybody, a couple of months ago I got a chance to be part of another news story. It was a half hour show on ABC about the pennstate hershey rehab center that I was at. The first half was a spotlight on a local boy who received brain damage in a car accident and the second half was about my SCI. Heres the link

    When I was first injured and still in rehab I was part of another news story. This one made front page of the patriot newspaper. Its a very long read but written very good. If its too long theres 2 short videos in there also. heres the link to that one...
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    one hell of an Evel Knievel wills

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    Thanks for posting that Wills. You have a sweetie of a fiance.

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    You're doing great Wills. And your girlfriend is beautiful, you're a lucky guy to have her by your side.

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    keep being positive.............

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    Looking good bro, keep it up. And I think that girl is a keeper.
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    Thumbs up

    keep moving forward...

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    Good video. Lot's of us here were injured the same way you were. That's great with getting some movement back, but to be realistic don't get too excited about it. I've known so many people this happens with and then it stops there. Definately do move forward though. You can still have a good career and good family life. You need to be resourceful and decied what it is your good at doing and what you want and just go for it and don't let anyone or anything stop you.
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    That was really nice. I'm teared up a little. I'm glad you have your family and fiance' for support and that same attitude you had when racing. I don't think that part goes away. Thanks for sharing the video. It was nice to see your family and get to know you better but it also made feel very lucky I have it so easy. I have to remember that.

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    Great vid Cody! Keep pushing, but be aware that if you don't reach your goal of standing unaided at your wedding, it will be because of the injury, not because you didn't try hard enough. We never know how much we can recover unless we try. For me, it has been nothing below my level of injury, but I have learned to accomplish all of the things I need to be able to do (except the walking thing)...
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