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Thread: That's totally going to work.

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    That's totally going to work.

    At least she held on!

    Awe at my magnificent coq!

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    Well, I guess I'm going to hell.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    lol probably saw someone in a manual chair do it and thought she'd give it a try! The guy rushing to her aid didnt really help!
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    Ha I've seen a lot of CareCure dudes bite it. Jeff Weeks got us all kicked off the escalator in NYC. And Joe White upside down in DC was a classic.

    It's so funny when it happens to other ppl! I have scabs on both elbows from my front door!

    Man a power chair on you. It's like when the tweaker pulled the ATM on himself on Breaking Bad. Where is Jesse Pinkman?

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    I seen this the other day on yahoo and youtube, the comments written under the clip were not kind to her. I'm not sure what here disability is, but in the longer video clip, the woman can clearily walk well. People were calling her lazy, a fake, lawsuit happy and stupid. I agree with stupid because suppossedly there was an elevator around the corner.

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    can you link the full video?
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    Here is a link to a longer video of it, and the news lady laughing at her... how nice...

    She does appear to walk pretty well coming down the escalator afterward WHILE holding an armload of stuff, and she even takes a few steps backwards without holding on to anything right at the very end of the clip. I know that I use a powerchair despite being able to walk a few steps with my walker (not enough to functionally accomplish stuff around the house), and that there are lots of different levels of disabilties, but she looked really well considering what she'd just been through!

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    My guess is whether disabled or not she was going for a lawsuit.
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    I met a litigious lady in OK. I was terrified of her. There just is not enough insurance for some ppl!

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    Boston, MBTA= city/ state and a cap on any lawsuit. Maybe she will sue the nice guy who tried to help her.
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