Hi ,
I am a healthy “as far as I know” 26 year old male , have been experiencing hip pain since Feb 2010 “2.5 years”. I saw every doctor there is to see , did surgery cause it was suspected the pain was appendicitis , removed my appendix and realized soon after that the pain was still there , the only other injury I have was some mid back pain 5 years ago from lifting weights incorrectly , otherwise no other problems

Pain started after coming back from a trip to California , I was feeling fine , went to sleep on a really uncomfortable mattress and woke up next day with hip pain , I was working out 5-6 days a week back then , realized when I work out , the pain increases , so I stopped lifting and running , saw some doctors before and after the surgery

Doctors I saw so far :
orthopedic surgeons “ the one that suspected the acute appendicitis after 6 months of pain”
chiropractors “did his stuff but didn’t really help, kinda made it worse”
general doctor internist “referred me to the surgeon”
doctor of Neurosurgery & Neuroresearch “currently doing pt suspecting nerve damage ”
physical therapist

did a lot of tests and everything looks normal, the only comment I got from the hip MRI was that it seems that there might be a small lateral tear in both hips , but I only experience pain in my right , and surgery at this point is not an option , lost all trust in surgeons


lately there is this theory that this could be nerve damage , so now doing physical therapy for that , helping a little, but pain still there

pain in front of hip , radiates down the groin , and some time to the lower back of the butt . pain always gets better after a swim

need some help please , am out of options at this point and appreciate any help, what doctors to see next , what to do ?

ps. I started working at a full time desk job march 2008 , don’t know if that is related to the pain. Also I used to be fat in my teens and my posture is not that great , kinda walk funny with feet rotated a little to the right.

thank you