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Thread: Power chair suggestions.

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    Power chair suggestions.

    Shoulders are forcing me to power chair at least part time. Looking for compact, fast and tilt function. Leaning toward Quickie P-222SE. Like the speed since my only way into town in the chair requires using streets. Which others should I consider?

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    I have a 222/SE. Had it for about 6 or 7 years. Abuse it terribly and it just keeps on keepin' on. Love it! And it will launch a wheelie for about 12 feet. A kick ass redneck speed demon chair.

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    Hall ass or torque

    you might consider bounderplus h frame. i have had 2 classics and never seen a service dept. wheels, bearings. batteries, and belts. i do have a minor electrical problem that developed when my brother did a nice thing and cleaned it while i was laid up. it's time for a new chair so probly want fix. september is new chair time. i will get more torque package next time, maybe offroad package as that is where i stay. have high speed deal now because my grandma lived 1 mile away and a little honkytonk bar that had live music about 2-3 miles away. grandma died and bar closed. (sounds like a good country song).


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    saw my doctor today for the first time in 4 months. reminded him september was time i could ask for chair. i usually have to work a bit to get _a_ chair muchless the bounderplus. to my suprise he said it was already july and a good time to start process.

    checked out quickie 222se and was suprised at quality improvement over last few years. my insurance gets super discounts for sunrise products. will push for bounder h frame but could live with 222se. i like rigid frame chairs and belt drives and siimple electronics. high/low , on,off.


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