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Thread: Measuring backrest height

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    Measuring backrest height

    I am trying to figure out my backrest height, which with integrated push handles is throwing me off. I asked Ed at Tilite and he replied, "When measuring the back rest height you measure from the top of the back post not including the push handles to the seat tube at the rear of the frame. So for example if your back rest height was set at 17.5 your push handles would be at 18.5 inches."

    I know where to measure to on my frame, I am just not clear where to start at the top. Ed mentions measuring "from the top of the back post" but to not include the push handles. My backrest is: 17.5"-20.5" FOLDING BACK.

    Instead of some guesses, I'll leave the floor open...
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    Huh...I can see where Ed's coming from but what if you have a solid back that curves up higher than the top of the seatpost? I guess to be consistent, you have to go to the top of the post because not everyone has push handles or solid backs.

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    Is there any indication of precisely where the bend starts for the integrated push handles? That's where I would mark the top, personally, given the info from Ed.

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    Dale, the bend looks to start immediately after the top of the upholstery.

    Another thing that I find confusing is that my seat back is a 17.5" to 20.5", allowing for 3 inches. Yet the seat back posts have 5 holes 1" apart, therefore allowing for 4 inches. This seems to align with the SportAid order form rather TiLite's. (SportAid's shows from 16.5".)
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