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Thread: After 13 Years My Office is Relocating

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    After 13 Years My Office is Relocating

    I was just informed today that my office is moving to an already existing office. The company that I worked for before (Sprint) had very generous accessibility guidelines and gave me a huge cubicle to work in that is really room for me, my wheelchair and lots of storage that I have taken advantage of. I'm not sure what my current company's guidelines are. I have been sitting at the same desk for 13 years, so this is all new to me, believe it or not. What can/should I ask for, investigate and what should I be aware of. Also I'm in CA so there may be state guidelines that I can reference too.

    I do know that the person I spoke to today told me that the cubes in the new office are small, and I did inform her that I would need a larger cube. She put it on her list of things to find out for me.

    Your feedback would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Parking/building access, the can, and how high that cube desk is come to mind off hand. Telco co's usually are pretty good with stuff like this, but lately, well...who knows. Keep us posted

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    Offer to go "tour" the office with a site mgr to scope out any issues for u

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    This website contains useful information you could use in pursuing Reasonable Accommodation mandates with your employer.

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