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Thread: Swing away joystick mount

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    Swing away joystick mount

    Does anyone know where I can buy a s/a joystick mount for cheap online?
    Tia, Amy

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    For what kind of chair? I think I may have one for an Invacare. I would have to look for sure.

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    Generic. I'm mid purchase on a Yamaha jwx1, which is a bit like an alber efix. I will be mounting it to an ultralight, so wanted something I can just shove out of my way instead of having to remove. I'm googling, but not having much luck (retract4 lite is nice, but expensive)

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    I looked for the one I thought I had but no luck. I am sure I have one just not sure where I stashed it.
    I did find this one on ebay though.

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    Still looking! To further explain, I want something tiny and unobtrusive to attach a jwx1 joystick to the seat frame of a Tilite with fenders, but no armrests (probably using an old brake clamp). I tried cannibalising the s/a mount from my no-longer-in-use quickie p222se, but it's far too massive and heavy.

    Any ideas?

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