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Thread: Total and Permanent vs Unemployable

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    A&A benefits are made payable to the veteran, fee based bowel & bladder payments are made to who is doing the services for the veteran and count as income for that person.

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    Thanks SCI-Nurse and Oldtimer. I'm 14 years into injury and still trying to figure out the VA system.....

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    I hear you IP, I've been in the VA system 42 years and don't know half the answers. I have found PVA to be of great help and the more people you know within the system, the better off you'll be. The VA is wonderful, if only all their staff were properly trained or understood what they were trained for, it could be an even better place. Never give up!

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    The Fed. Gov't is trying to ease the language of it's forms and written regs. with less goobledegook. The VA is rated with an F and is the worst dept. in GOv't with the writeen regs. that no one can understand.

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    ...which is a big reason why working with your PVA or other Veterans Service Organization National Service Officer (NSO) is the wisest way to deal with the VA red tape.


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    What is fee based B&B?

    Never heard of this....Nevermind, just looked it up. You're not eligible for that if you can take care of that business independently. Plus it has got to be done by a licensed caregiver or family member that has been trained. Then the payment goes directly to the provider.
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    Unemployability for the VA is compensated with Special Monthly Compensation (here and here)

    If you are unemployable, and have worked for 10 years total in your entire life, you will also be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. I got SSDI first and then used that as proof for my VA unemployability. It is possible to file for SSDI while still on active duty status if your injury is severe enough that you are not performing the job you were trained for, but are only attending appointments and therapy sessions. This is also true for people who are place in limited duty under the supervision of vocational or physical therapy programs - that is considered therapy not work. I became eligible for SSDI the day after I received my injury even though it took over a year to go through the initial treatment and the medical retirement process. SSDI only pays back pay to the date of application, not the day of injury. VA compensation under SMC table H is back payed to the date of injury or one year prior to the date of application for VA benefits the first time, whichever is shorter.
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