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Thread: best cardio exercise to improve circulation

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    best cardio exercise to improve circulation

    ok, I would like to start exercising to prevent circulation problems. i've been injured just over 3 years and don't have any current issues, but i haven't really been exercising at all. what would be some different things i could do to get a good cardio workout? anything besides free wheeling or using a handcycle?

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    Do you have access to any kind of gym or cardio equipment? Also what is your level of injury/how much function do you have?

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    I do cardio about 5-6 times per week. I use the Magnetrainer arm machine and a beginners running training, except I use the arm machine in place of the "running". Here is my routine. I've lost about 30 pounds and 4 pant sizes in the last 4 months.

    Roll at a "walking" pace for 4 minutes
    Roll at a "running pace for 1 minute
    10 5 pound dumb bell curls
    10 5 pound raises over the head
    10 5 pound butterflies
    10 dips using the arms of my chair

    Repeat 4 times! for a total of 20 minutes of rolling/running. I do the weight sets in between each 5 minute run/walk set so it takes me about 35-40 minutes for the total workout.
    Do this for week one. Each week after that you will increase your "running" pace and decrease your "walking" pace until you are able to do a running pace for at least 20 minutes. It takes about 12 weeks to get to the 20 minutes at a running pace depending on your current health and fitness level.

    My shoulders have stopped hurting at night and my stamina is so much better.

    The Magnetrainer was about $160 and measures calories, speed, time, distance. I LOVE IT! Best cardio workout that I've been able to get in my 18 years in a chair.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    my level of injury is t3. my insurance pays for physical therapy but i really haven't found any places nearby that have nice equipment that I could utilize. i will definitely look into the magnetrainer...thx

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    You might see if there is a neuro fitness gym in your area. It could be good for you too. I'm trying one this Wednesday.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    swimming is great for low impact with great cardio. The Magnetrainer won't give you much cardio because of the smaller cranks.

    Using a heartrate monitor and working in the proper zones is the best way to know if you are working the cardio or not. It's more than just pushing a faunky crank setup in circles til you're tired.

    A buddy of mine uses the front part of an exercize bike and tacked it on the wall. He uses the pedals to push and gets one heck of a workout with a machine costing less than 50.00.
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    Paddling is nice because your feet are up & you can hang with AB folks......

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    ... it's true that swimming is really the best, but a bit hard to manage in a long term goal.. I do handcycling with randscott stuff, plus massager sessions with that kind of stuff:

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    Swimming is great. Unfortunately it's not something I have access to everyday. I get better and more consistant exercise when I have equipment right in the home. Swimming is nice to do on occassion though. I really enjoy the arm bike by varying my speed, distance, and calories burned. The resistance adjustments on the magentrainer make for a good workout as well. It sure gets my blood circulating and has made a noticeable difference in keeping my feet from swelling so much. Any activity is good!
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    I like using the standing frame glider by EZ-Stand. I have an older version of what they sell now, but it is pretty much the same device. I like it because I can get in cardio, weight bearing for my legs and spine, and even adjust the tension to get a good arm workout. It's pretty expensive and I had to jump through many hops to get insurance to pay for it, but I've had it for over seven years now, so it's been well worth the price to keep me active.

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