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Thread: swimming causes bowel accident

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    swimming causes bowel accident

    I just got out of the hospital and have been released of all bed rest, after over coming a nasty pressure wound. Now my bowel and bladder are all screwed up! I can't seem to figure out what I need to be doing for my routine. I've always used the magic bullet, but I've tried stopping that. I've upped my fiber and liquid intake. Nothing seems to be working. But now the latest thing I've noticed is that when I go swimming in a pool, I almost always have a bowel accident. And that really sucks! I'm going on a cruise at the end of this month where swimming is going to be the main thing to do. Now I'm terrified. I'm at my wits end with all this. Suggestions? Please!!

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    Was your regular routine just the magic bullet? What is your level of injury? Was your bowel program off schedule in the hospital too?

    I find adding fiber like metamucil or fibercon (If you are not a Lower Motor Neuron injury) can actually act like cement if you don't drink tons of water.

    If your program is "off" you will run the risk of having accidents. You could do a bowel clean out by using milk of magnesia or miralax then start over with your regular program. You have accidents because your program is not often enough or not complete enough.


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    Thank you for getting back to me on this. I am a T8 complete para. My normal routine was done every other morning. I would eat something, wait about 10 minutes, insert magic bullet, wait 20 mins and then dig stim every 10 minutes for about 4 times. Since I wasn't allowed to get out of bed while I was in the hospital, my surgeon had me do my program every 5 days (I wasn't eating that much anyway). Since I've been home and up and about, nothing has been right. Along with the bowel problems, my bladder hasn't been holding up either. A new doctor told me to try stopping the magic bullets and upping the fiber. She seemed to think that the magic bullets were the cause for accidents just hours after I did my b.p. I tried using regular suppositories (OTC), but didn't see much difference. If you don't use a suppository at all then I don't understand how your body knows to get started. I feel bloated all the time and it seems to me that should have something to do with this also. I am a huge diet coke fan. I have one every day- usually a 32 ounce that you get from the convenient store. I've done this every day for the last 10 years. Could that have something to do with any of this? And what are your thoughts on the swimming? Again, thanks for your help. I can't find much of a doctor for the rural area I live in, so I really feel like I'm going at this all by myself- and that's a lonely place to be!

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    I find luck w/ food fibers e.g. dried apricots and shredded wheat. Add water when you eat them. Build up slowly.

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    It may just be the motion and movement when you swim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel View Post
    It may just be the motion and movement when you swim.
    Exercise will get things moving.
    The hospital stays always wreak havoc with our routines.
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    So if it's the motion and the movement of swimming, does that mean to not swim? Or to not swim actively?

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    When things got loose/unreliable for my Dad, we started Metamucil daily and a probiotic. Made a world of difference. He doesn't use a suppository either, but he should because it helps avoid straining.

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    I sometimes have had issues with swimming and bm's too. I don't know if the water relaxes my muscles and makes it happen, or if the water pressure presses on my abdomen and helps move things along.

    My BP involves no suppositories. I can't get poo to come out on it's own unless it's pretty much explosive diarrhea or if I fail to do my bp and have so much built up that it just pushes out when I get too full of it. So I use a gloved finger and dig it out. It only takes me a few minutes, but it empties my rectum and usually a little ways up further too.

    So, before I am planning on getting in the pool, I go ahead and check things out up there, even if it's not time for my normally planned bp - which is normally first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

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    Since your bowel program worked prior to your hospitalization every other day, then I would recommend a bowel clean out and then going back to your normal bowel program. Try laying off the soda if you have a lot of gas. Clear liquids and miralax for a bowel clean out and stay near the bathroom for a couple of days.


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