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Thread: Anyone with hip joint replacement/prosthesis? - looking for an update

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    Anyone with hip joint replacement/prosthesis? - looking for an update

    From previous threads I understand that some people in this community has a prosthetic hip joint.
    How is the experience, globally? Do you suffer limitations in daily activities? In transfers? In wheelchair use?
    Does hip mobility tend to improve / worsen / remain stable over the years?
    Has anyone experienced fractures / dislocations or other problems after the implant? Short term or long term?


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    I regret getting my right hip replaced. My transfers are harder as my legs are always stiff. I wouldn't do it if I could go back in time

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    It reformats your sitting/seating and you would need to be mapped again for a new cushion in your wheelchair. I cannot recall having had a patient who has had a hip replacement. I hope that other members comment on their experiences.


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