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Thread: Best e-stim with active lower motor neurons, please..

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    Best e-stim with active lower motor neurons, please..

    Hi all, I've been using FES device for a pretty long time and stopped doing that several years ago. I'm likely to begin again. I was using a device called Compex and I wish I could now have a high end one. What should I use ??.. I have active lower motor neurons. I've read about the Ottobock Stiwell, it's looking great but the EMG option, what's that ??..
    Does anyone can explain ?.. I'm a bit tired of the Compex one because I had to change electrodes all the time because the machine stopped because of electrodes default..

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    ... any ideas ??.. :-)

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    I would recommend starting over with a baseline functional assessment from a physiatrist and a PT familiar with the FES and other similar equipment.


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    Look up stimulette den2x on cc

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    Hello and many thanks for the reply

    @scinurse, I already done that, thanks, I began with a devid called Neuromed, after that, I passed to Compex, and now I'm willing to buy a new one, Compex is boring me because of electrodes problems, the device is stoping all the time on electrodes default.. I just want to replace my old Compex and I've seen the Ottobock Stiwell which is offering EMG Control and biofeedback..
    Do we have others ?.. What are the best ?..
    Can you please help ?..

    @lyerly, thanks for Stimulette is a device for denervated muscles, I responding to traditional FES, isn't it better to continue with that ?..


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