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Thread: How do I setup my footplate? (also FREEWHEEL question)

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    I would never remove my wheelie bars.
    It's bEcause it has become second nature for me to tip on the wheeliebars and relax in that position... I don't want that day to come when they're off and I go pull a wheelie...

    Still havin troubles ...

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    contact pat or your local distributor/vendor

    they do full custom freewheels and can fit nearly any freewheel to any rigid frame chair execpt a fold away footplate

    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    Hey there,

    My footplates have always been a hassle...

    I have a customized footplate which is wide, and thick, which gives me that extra inch or so because my footplate can't move up anymore. It's in the picture on its own. I removed it because it's ugly and bulky, but also because the FREEWHEEL does not work with it.

    I now have a more-stock footplate. The problem is, as you can see, my feet can never stay flat. They are always moving around, and its annoying, also bothers my seating position. As you can see from my pic.

    ALSO the problem with this footplate when it comes to the FREEWHEEL is that it TILTS the chair way too far back (like it increases the dump, you know what I mean?) so that my anti-tippers are scraping the ground ... and I need my anti-tippers., but its generally too reclined anyway.

    So my questions are

    #1) how is your footplate setup? how are my feet supposed to sit on the plate? is it normal what they are doing now?

    #2) I cannot use the freewheel with this... I FINALLY after months of part-hunting got the freewheel to work, but it is way too reclined to the point it is annoying and also it scraps my anti-tippers..

    what do I do?
    I really want to be comfortable
    and I really want to use my freewheel... jesus! I've had so many problems with this thing, but I know it is an amazing tool

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    sorry... misread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Essie View Post
    What? I believe the OP is talking about this (re:freewheel)

    Yes, and pat is the inventor of the freewheel and a member here. So they are talking about the same thing.

    However, I believe this is the poster that was being ignored by Pat.
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    Anyone can download the FreeWheel "setup" guide from which clearly outlines the adjustability that the FreeWheel has and how to properly setup it up to your chair/footplate. If you require your footplate to be outside of the accepted tolerances of a "stock" FreeWheel for comfort, etc..., then customization may be required. I magine an additional fee would be incurred...

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