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Thread: Cool landing gear for crotch rocket motorcycles

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    Cool landing gear for crotch rocket motorcycles

    Check this out:

    Brian Kinney is a T1 paraplegic who's figured out a way to get back on his Kawasaki Ninja 650R. I never thought it was possible to balance a motorcycle on two wheels if you couldn't move your legs, but apparently that's not true...

    As long as you have landing gear installed on your bike (to save your butt when you come to a stop since, you know, your legs don't work) you're good to go. Dude!

    While I'd never do this myself in a million years, I think it's very badass he's putting himself right out there on the same bike that broke his back.

    You can view the video he made explaining how is bike works here:
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    He is a member here (Bkizz), had the Kawasaki for sale in the equipment exchange forum back in January.
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    Stuart Goddard was the first to use the landing gear idea.You can buy the kit for around 3000 bucks its electric boat rams and electric selinoid shifting.Stuart also races in AMA with no landig gear ,his friend holds the fender till he takes off its very cool he is a t-8 para.
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    I saw this one on another forum and liked it. The outriggers come down at speeds below 25 mph, I believe. It looks good to me.

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    Wow....a para that uses no landing gear? That's suicide.
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