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Thread: Thinking about driving

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    I'm a T4,5,6 incomplete para with a Tilite TR with a folding backrest. I've been in a chair a little over 19 years and during this time I've had a Mustang GT, Chevy s10 blazer 4x4, Chevy s10 4 door 4x4 truck, Chevy fullsize Silverado truck, and I'm now on my second BMW 3 series sedan. I put the wheels in the backseat and my chair in the front passenger seat.
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    My Mustang GT gets almost 24 per mile. Get a 6'er and get 30 plus
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crappler View Post
    I love my Mustang GT. It's very easy to get my chair in and out too. I have it down to under a minute
    Miss mine. It was really easy to deal with. I always put the chair and wheels in the back.

    Driving a four door is not that bad either. My concern is more with the height off the ground of the vehicle then the door size.

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    I understand that there are a wide range of vehicles that would work. I can get into almost any vehicle with my crutches *not saying the way I do it is safe, but sometimes you want to go boating.

    My only concern was fitting the wheelchair into the vehicle. My current chair won't fit into anything, not interior house doors, certainly not car doors, and it is burdensome getting into a jeep.

    However, the new chair, the TiLite, is supposed to be much smaller, and, therefore, allow me to get it into various vehicles.

    Like I wrote I would like a mustang, but gas is expensive. I will look into them, as I saw someone state 26 mpg or there about's.

    I like the Honda element, but the VA has stringent rules on mileage for vehicles they adapt, as such I am looking at new or slightly used.

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    The V6 Mustang gets well over26 MPG. Highway, that is.

    If you get a TiLite TR or ZR, you'll be fine.
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