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Thread: I'm looking to do a handcycling STUNT.....suggestions

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    In the Fall, you'll have more traffic on the BRP but at least they won't be in a rush. Temperatures in the 60s and 70s might be preferrable as well.
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    Mark - you need to come out west and bike Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country. Beautiful scenic bike rides through winding roads past numerous wineries.

    Also perfect as a busines write-off. There are several bike touring companies in Napa and Sonoma but I don't believe any of them offer handcycles as rentals. You can partner with a handcycle manufacturer (like Freedonm Ryder) and approach bike touring companies about offering Powerpod-assisted handcycles as rentals. Sonoma especially has quite a few hills, so the Powerpod would make it a less daunting ride.

    Just a thought.


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    Drive up I-95. You will make all the papers...mostly obituaries. lol
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