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Thread: Roho 18w x 16d rotated?

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    Roho 18w x 16d rotated?

    can a roho high profile 18"w x 16"d be be rotated to fit 16w x 18d chair. seems like it would be okay as long as it is single valve. donnie

    thanks capngimp, thomas, and wheeliecoach for stimulite. they are really helping my posture. been getting up 2-4 hours a day. mostly eat, shave, and my new workout regimen. the small sore i have has stayed the same. if i stayed off for 2-3 weeks i'm sure it would be gone.

    as for roho just curious to see if i'm still as unstable as i was 35 years ago. lot stronger now and more stable. donnie

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    I don`t see the problem, just the valve you will have it in the back and if you want to inflate you will have to be out of the chair, that`s all imo.
    If i rotate mine i don`t feel any difference.

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    There isn't a problem doing this - you could do it for a quadtro as well, or even a dual valve if you wanted the sides to inflate differently front to back rather than side to side.

    The only Roho you can't rotate is a contour. For obvious reasons.

    Of course, the valve(s) will be on the side instead of on the front, which might make them harder to access.

    Also be sure to follow the Roho instructions for inflation to the letter. In my 5 years of experience as an OT and OT student, I've had to deflate countless Rohos to the proper level and instruct PT's and OT's even as a student on my internships.

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    Hi Rollin',

    No problem to rotate the ROHO cushion as others have stated. Since the standard inflation valve placement is at the left front, if you rotate the cushion 90 degrees clockwise the valve will still be accessible from the front (right) of the cushion.

    If you don't have good truck control, you will likely continue to be unstable on a single valve ROHO Cushion. The SELECT Series cushions (the QUADTRO SELECT comes in three heights, or the CONTOUR SELECT) offer the same skin protection properties as the single valve models, but are much more stable since they isolate the air into 4 district quadrants.

    Call me offline if you have any ROHO specific questions or want to arrange for a ROHO product trial.


    Tom Borcherding
    The ROHO Group

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