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Thread: I need HELP please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDSWHEELZ View Post
    I'm a c5/6 complete quadriplegic, I need help getting in2 the bathroom toilet 2 do my every other day BM than help getting 2 the roll in shower, I don't have a shower chair.
    Check out this shower chair. Model 480-24
    My son is a C-6 and does his own self transfers and self showers. We made one mod to this chair by removing the flexible heal straps and bolting on a stainless steel metal plate about 18" X 18" bent at a 90 degree angle to the foot plates. This metal plate keeps the feet and heals from kicking backwards under the chair during spasms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel View Post
    None of that sounds like you need help in the daytime such that it would prohibit him from getting a job. There will be emergencies that arise but that just means you need a plan to deal with those infrequent events, not a full time caregiver.
    A guy who plays on my rugby team has his mother for a caregiver and she gets paid for it. In NC

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