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Thread: Power add on for manual chair

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    Question Power add on for manual chair

    Has anyone here tried this product for your chair?

    A little pricey but they claim Medicare reimbursement.

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    No, how do you go to restaurants...and such? E0FIX is the way to go. Might as well buy cheap scooter with your suggestion.
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    power add on

    What is a E0FIX?
    I personally would be able to use this product for my chair in many areas around our property and around our not so wheelchair user friendly neighborhood. This way I would not have to buy another chair and transfer back in and out. I have very limit space in our home and a power chair/scooter would not work. With this product I could store it in my garage and attach it when I needed it.
    I was just looking for feedback on this product not recommending it for anyone really. Thank you.

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