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Thread: FS Glance Vortex Wheels w/ solid tires and coated push rims

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    FS Glance Vortex Wheels w/ solid tires and coated push rims

    Practically brand new! I bought these for my fiance trying to help bling bling her chair out, but she actually likes her pink spoke wheels better. They're not doing us any good just sitting here. They are 24" standard Vortex wheels with the black vinyl coated push rims and the SHOX solid tires.

    SportAid is selling this setup for $663 as configured and shipped.

    Let's start at $500 OBO.

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    $400 OBO

    Sportaid is selling these right now for over $700.

    If you can't stand up....stand out!

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    Do you still have them?

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    Yes I've still got them!

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    You still have these rims?

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